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Volume 35, Issue 6


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Dissertation Completion


Dissertation Strategies

If not now, when?

    When was the last time you performed some work needed for completing your dissertation? When did you begin work on that project? Our typical client has been writing a dissertation for four years, and in most cases has not progressed beyond the Proposal stage.
    Procrastination comes in many forms. Most begin the dissertation process with a burst of enthusiasm and energy. Course work has been completed. Many candidates think that a doctoral dissertation is really just a long, glorified term paper. How difficult could it be to write? Perhaps it would be good to take a few months off before beginning the proposal......after all, I've earned it! The dissertation procrastination process has begun.
    But delays also come from other sources. Selection of your advisor and committee should be simple and straightforward, but this is rarely the case. The dissertation topic that seemed an obvious choice last year is out of scholarly fashion, or you have changed jobs and no longer have access to the population you once did. Your advisor quit or has etires. A year goes by and the Dissertation Proprosal you had planned to write remains nothing more than a half formed thought.
    Family pressures intervene. You feel guilty for having "neglected" your spouse, your partner, your children, your parents, your friends, while you completed course work. They give you advice and urge you to take some time off. As you move up the ladder in your profession, the demands on your time increase.

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Advice & Solutions -
  • Resolve to start the dissertation writing process today. Forget whatever time you have missed and concentrate on today and tomorrow.
  • Set small and achievable goals. For example, decide that you will work for thirty minutes each day, five days a week, on the beginning phases of the dissertation proposal. Set a schedule for yourself with a reasonable time frame.
  • Start at the beginning, with the choice of a responsible and responsive advisor as your first goal. Meet with your advisor and choose a mutually agreeable completion date for proposal submission.
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