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Volume 33, Number 1

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 Assertiveness=PhD.!     by Diane Kennedy

    Remember the old saying "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" when it comes to your dissertation. What I'd like you to consider today are the ways in which you can be a "squeaky" doctoral candidate- the one of your advisor's many advisees who "gets the grease".

The Impact on a Dissertation

     Why is this important? You must make yourself known and heard, and stand out in the crowd if you want to complete your dissertation. The dissertation-writing process simply cannot proceed smoothly- or proceed at all- without the cooperation of your advisor.
YOU can have control over your advisorís interest in and commitment to your project.
YOU can be finished with your dissertation this year, while other candidates are still at the Proposal stage!
Below are some suggestions for getting the help to which you are entitled: