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  • Discuss dissertation topic choice with your advisor, keeping in mind that your advisor is there to guide you through the dissertation process.
  • Schedule regular meetings with your advisor. Tape record all meetings, and follow up each meeting or other contact with a letter outlining what was discussed and what your advisor directed you to do.
  • Enlist the assistance and support of your family, friends, and colleagues in the dissertation process. You cannot do this alone.
  • Understand that feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation, and frustration are not a normal part of the process. These are danger signals that you need a more effective support system.
  • Examine the reasons for procrastination. Are you lacking time? Motivation? Support? Ideas? Basic research or writing skills?

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Research, writing, editing
of Proposal

Research, writing, editing
of Review of Literature

Edit, rewrite, revise and
reorganize all chapters

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"You saved my marriage
and my career....It's as
simple as that. You gave
me the help and
encouragement and
feedback that my advisor
did not. Thank you."

And also:

Concept Paper
Questionnaire development
Source identification and
Online Research
Topic Development-Narrowing
Annotated Bibliographies

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